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Please note that as standard our policies will not cover mobile telephones whilst cover for electronic and photographic items are subject to the limits outlined in the policy documents and policy overviews. Some of our policies have an optional 'Gadget Extension' available which extends coverage up to a further £500, £1,000 or £2,000, including cover for mobile phones. You will see this as an option at the second stage of the purchase process. Please refer to our policy wording documents for further details of this cover.

Gadget travel insuranceTechnology, such as smart phones, tablets, cameras and laptops is an integral part of everyday life for many of us. However much we may strive to 'travel light', gadgets are often an indispensable means of communication and also a tool to enhance and document your travelling experiences, whilst you're away.

Gadgets can keep you safe, help you navigate where you are going, capture an awe-inspiring sunset - or purely share a status update on social media to bring your travel adventures to a wider audience!

As well as being an integral part of your travels, they can also be very expensive to buy - and are obviously costly to replace or repair if they are lost , stolen or damaged. As part of the travel experience, you may be moving around between locations, carrying precious items in your backpack, using gadgets in challenging terrain or near water, plus visiting tourist attractions where there is an increased risk of being the victim of opportunistic thieves.

All of these added risks mean that it's very sensible to make sure that you have covered your  gadgets up to their true value, so that a mishap or problem whilst you're away, doesn't end up spoiling your travel experience - and you can  have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you've protected your travel budget too.

All of our policies offer some cover for certain gadgets under the cover for personal belongings, within the amount allowed for 'electrical items and photographic equipment'.  None of them will cover your mobile phone though. Also, you may find that the cover limit for your chosen policy, doesn't match up to the actual value of your item/s.

In this case, we've teamed up with gadget-cover specialists Bastion, to make sure that you don't experience this shortfall in cover. When you enter your travel details and get a quote, you will be given the option to add extra cover for your gadgets  up to the total value of the gadgets that you want to protect. This will then update the quote with the additional amount needed to add gadget cover.  You can take a look at the detailed cover benefits,  and terms and conditions related to the additional gadget cover by looking at our policy wording documents, but here is a summary:

Benefits offered:

- We can currently offer Bastion's gadget cover under all of our policies except for our Emigration policies.
- There's cover for repairing or replacing damaged, lost or stolen gadgets up to the value of £2,000.
- Cover can be taken out for up to 24 months away from the UK.
- You can be reimbursed for unauthorised calls or downloaded data if your mobile phone is used by someone else.
- You're covered for electrical and mechanical breakdown (except for laptops) which happens after a manufacturer's guarantee expires. You're also covered for accidental damage to all items covered by the Gadget Extension.
- Includes cover for mobile phones (including iPhones), satellite navigation systems, portable handheld games consoles, iPads, tablets, e-readers, cameras and  portable DVD players, amongst other items. This policy is not suitable for drones.

Some important provisos (please refer to the policy wording documents for full terms and to ensure the cover is suitable for you):

- There is no cover if your gadget was bought outside of the UK or is second-hand.
- You must be able to provide valid proof of purchase/ownership.
- There is no cover if your gadget/s are more than 48 months old at the start of your trip.

One thing to note is that you may have cover in place for your gadgets, under your Home and Contents insurance, if you have an 'all risks' section, but this may not be valid outside of the UK for extended travel - check with your insurance provider.

If you would like a quote for your travel plans, and the option to add gadget insurance, please visit our quote page.

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